Stadium Cleaners
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is wet cleaning?
A: Professional wet cleaning is a solvent free method of dry cleaning your clothes.  As a result, there is zero environmental impact no residual solvent left on the clothes after cleaning.  At Stadium Cleaners, we are proud to use german made, Miele industrial water based machines capable of cleaning any type of fabric safely and gently.  

Q: How does pick up and delivery work?
A: Once you are signed up, we will provide you with special laundry bags.  Simply place your dirty clothes in the bag and leave it on your front porch.  We will pick it up and have your clean clothes delivered to your door in two business days.  This service is complimentary and free of charge.  

Q: Do you offer pick up and delivery for businesses?
A: Absolutely.  Our services are utilized by several local businesses in the Ann Arbor area as well as sports teams.  Any special arrangements may be made to meet your needs.  

Q: Do you do alterations?
A: Yes.  

Q: Do you clean specialty items such as leather or wedding dresses?
A: Certain items such as leather may have to be sent off site to one of our partners.  Wedding dresses are routinely cleaned onsite and may be boxed and preserved for your convenience.